International students 10.6% of admissions to UC schools

Admission to the University of California system is a bit more difficult for residents than just a year ago, as the nine-campus system allows more out-of-state and international students in order to improve the bottom line.

About two of every three in-state applicants – or 65.8% — were admitted to the UC system in fall 2012, compared to 69.7% a year ago and 71.6% in fall 2010, according to the UC system. In-state students who once were more concerned about competing only with fellow Californians are now facing the reality that out-of-state and international students are taking the much-coveted spots.

The budget-strapped UC system admitted 80,289 students last fall, 7,857 more than fall 2011, according to the latest report. But almost three of every four of the additional students – or 73% — were from other states or another country.

In fact, the number of international students increased last fall to 8,537, more than double the 3,616 foreign students in fall 2010. International students now make up 10.6% of admissions in the UC system vs. 5.3% two years ago.

The main entrance at University of California, Santa Barbara.
The main entrance at University of California, Santa Barbara.

And out-of-state students accounted for 12.8% of admissions – or 10,309 – last fall, compared to 8.7% in fall 2010.

So, how many additional in-state students did the UC system accept? A paltry 2,155 more students, less than the boost in international and out-of-state students.

Other facts from the semi-annual report:

— UC Santa Barbara had the most new admissions last fall, with 23,803 students.
— UC Merced had the fewest fall admissions, with 9,874.
— UC San Diego had the most out-of-state and international admissions with 3,822 and 3,603, respectively,
— UC Merced, a still-developing campus, had the lowest number of out-of-state and international admissions with 109 and 214, respectively.